Tamper Evident

the bucket you can trust

The Tamper Evident Bucket supports a multitude of applications and is designed with a fastening feature that cannot be reset once broken.
This restores trust in your product distribution, knowing that damage or tampering to product can easily be identified.

collection of white buckets of various sizes with tamper evident lids

ContainerHeight With lidTop Lid Diametermajor DiameterBase Diameter
1 ℓ TE9 cm14.5 cm15 cm12.5 cm
2 ℓ TE11.5 cm17 cm17 cm17.8 cm
2.5 ℓ TE14.2 cm17 cm17 cm16 cm
5 ℓ TE17.5 cm23.6 cm24.5 cm20.6 cm
10 ℓ TE25.8 cm26.7 cm27.5 cm23.5 cm
20 ℓ TE33 cm33.1 cm34.5 cm27.5 cm
25 ℓ TE40.8 cm33.1 cm34.5 cm27.9 cm
For more information on bucket weights and dimensions, download the Bucket weights & dimensions