General Purpose

the bucket with real purpose

This rigid, general purpose bucket is engineered to support a wide variety of product packaging requirements. Historically revered for its durability, the General Purpose Bucket exceeds its reputation as an adequately equipped and dependable packaging solution.

Variously sized white lidded buckets in front of a festive birthday background

ContainerHeight with lidTop lid diameterMajor diameterBase diameter
250 g5.5 cm11.5 cm11 cm9.3 cm
500 g8.8 cm11.5 cm11.5 cm9.3 cm
1 ℓ12.2 cm13.5 cm15 cm10.9 cm
2 ℓ12.8 cm17.5 cm19.5 cm14.6 cm
2.5 ℓ15.5 cm17.5 cm19.5 cm14.6 cm
5 ℓ21 cm21.6 cm24 cm18 cm
For more information on bucket weights and dimensions, download the Bucket weights & dimensions matrix