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Have you ever wondered about the process of plastic container manufacturing? How exactly do manufacturers get it right? How do they create leak proof containers with all the extra features such as leak proof lids, tamper proof seals and so on?

At Dynamic Plastics we create an extensive range of superior quality plastic buckets and containers with a process called plastic injection moulding, which we are about to simplify for you.

The injection moulding process

Injection moulding is a process that is used specifically to create plastic products from thermoplastic and other plastic materials. Before the process can begin, an inverse mould of the bucket or container must be created by a toolmaker, taking into account the supplied design, which is typically provided by an engineer. The mould must be machined to precision on Injection moulding machines that have presses used to create the final mould. Molten plastic is then injected into the mould using very high pressure.

The specialised injection moulding machinery will ensure that the mould is kept closed during the injection process, but filled before the plastic is able to solidify. This is done to ensure that the bucket or container experiences minimal imperfections and that the material doesn’t suffer excess shrinkage during the setting stage.

Common plastics used in the injection moulding process

Polystyrene is the most common of all thermoplastics used in the injection moulding process. This plastic costs less than other materials, but lacks in durability. Another plastic used in this process is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) a more hard-wearing material. ABS is in fact used to manufacture Lego. Polypropylene is probably the most commonly used thermoplastic for the manufacturing of containers and buckets.

Injection moulding creates leak proof containers and buckets

At Dynamic Plastics we make use of plastic injection moulding to create our diverse range of products, supplying the market with general purpose buckets and containers; tamper proof containers; recycled buckets and containers, and Secure Lock containers. Our products are suitable for all uses and we are particularly proud of our green approach, ensuring that our containers are environmentally friendly, recyclable and durable.

Looking for a packaging solution partner? Contact us at Dynamic Plastics today to discuss your design needs.

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