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Dynamic Plastics are plastic container manufacturers specialising in wholesale plastic containers and industrial plastic packaging for all industries. Our plastic bucket range, from 250ml to 25lt, is suitable for chemical, paint, pharmaceutical, lubricant, detergents, food, edible oils, party packs etc. We offer various decorative options for branding purposes.These customised options are available depending on volume and complexity.

We pride ourselves on our service delivery and quick turnaround times. At Dynamic Plastics, we always carry stock on hand, and deliver within Gauteng.

We manufacture our range of plastic containers in Johannesburg and service customers throughout South Africa and neighboring states. Our wide range of plastic products, and our hands on, customer focused and service orientated approach to business makes Dynamic Plastics a leading manufacturer of plastic bucket containers in South Africa. We offer the perfect solution, no matter what your plastic bucket requirement may be.

Plastic Buckets


Recent Articles

Optimizing Storage And Distribution Using Plastics

Plastic containers come in all shapes, colours and sizes and their uses vary just as much if not more. It is accepted that the design and shape of a plastic container is what basically indicates what it should be used for.

Using Plastics For Food Storage

Plastic containers are one of the most useful and durable products available on the market today. The fact that most of them are reusable as well means that a lot of money is saved when investing in a range of plastic containers.

Using Plastics For Easy Storage

Any parent will know and understand the intricate balance required to keep their children’s rooms tidy. Whether it be stationery, toys or general apparel, there is always the problem of finding a place for everything without leaving the children’s rooms looking cluttered.

Uses Of Recycled Plastics

Plastic is more and more pervading every day life because of its durability, inexpensiveness and usefulness in various areas. Many of the products available on the market today have been made using recycled plastics.

Reusing Plastics

Plastics are highly durable and extremely useful materials. They have become integrated with every day living in the sense that is convenient and functional.

Innovative Design In Plastics

Plastic containers are without a doubt one of the most useful and durable products available on the market today. The fact that most of them are reusable as well means that a lot of money is saved when investing in a range of plastic containers.

Disposable Plastics

Disposable plastic containers are basically containers which can only be used once, after which they will need to be thrown away. These plastics are usually considerably cheaper to manufacture and are often sold very inexpensively in bulk.

About Reusable Plastics

It is always a good idea to consider reusing plastics like containers and plastic buckets that you have purchased. In the manufacture of these products, a great deal of non-renewable energy is used and continuing to purchase new products will only perpetuate a cycle that does harm to the environment.

About Recycling Plastics

A lot of what makes up the products and packaging we use on a daily basis is non-renewable. This basically means that the resources used to manufacture them cannot be recreated.

About Heavy Duty Plastics

Heavy duty plastics are what their name suggests – plastics that are stronger than regular plastic and used for things that entail a bit more wear and tear.

Please note: Information provided on this website was correct at the time of writing. We cannot accept responsibility for errors or ommissions as a result of changed conditions, availablility, procedures or specifications at a later date. Always confirm the details of products when ordering.

Plastic Products

  • General Purpose
  • Tamper Evident
  • Recycled Range
  • Pouring Options

Target Industries

We supply plastic buckets to the following industries:

  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lubricants
  • Detergents
  • Food
  • Edible Oils
  • Party Packs